We are a human powered company, specialized in molds for the plastic industry

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More than 20 years in high precision molds and plastics

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Globalmolde, a customer-focused company

With a pro-active and cooperative philosophy, always acting in order to offer the best solutions according to the customer’s needs.

About 20 years ago, some experienced engineers decided to separate from the mother company and create a new company called GLOBALMOLDE.

What we do

Our vision is to be recognized partner for the design and manufacture of molds for plastics. Working with our own capacity and that of partners to provide the best solution for your project.

We can offer you cooperation in product development from the production point of view. A global solution for your plastic injection molds.

Optimization and Central mould Engineering

Integrated Mould Manufacturing

Process Control

Qualification And validation

Pre-series Production


Optimization and
Central mold engineering

Our know-how and use of the latest technologies

enable us to study, simulate and prototype parts in order to achieve the best possible optimization and to perform mold design at the highest level.

By centralizing the complete project engineering we guarantee the accuracy of all manufacturing phases, regardless if they're executed internally or outsourced locally.

With a very experienced team, we are able to offer all possible solutions for part injection, from 2K according to several systems (index plate, turning plate, core-back, transfer...) to gas-assisted injection, over molding and others


Integrated mold

We use state of the art equipment

for CNC milling, CNC EDM and wire cutting. We are capable of producing molds up to 12 tons in-house.

Our privileged location in Marinha Grande, worldwide recognized centre for moldmaking, allows us to take full advantage of its huge pool of specialized companies.

We use our in-house capabilities combined with a rigorous outsourcing process, to manage complete projects with several molds, with quality and lead time assurance.


Process Control

We are TÜV Rheinland 9001:2008 certified

for mold manufacturing and process control. Quality is assured internally and a very accurate suppliers audit, validation and certification program takes place.

We are firm believers of continuous improvement, and we constantly evolve our procedures and methods in order to achieve the highest accuracy and quality, in all manufacturing phases, internally or externally.

We have implemented regular and detailed information reports to allow the customer to follow every step of the manufacturing process. Our metrology department ensures constant parts validation.


Qualification and Validation

We run fully detailed trials

to assure parts validation and mold qualification, in accordance to customers standards and requests. We can offer 2K injection systems, gas injection, overmolding, and others.

Parts and molds are evaluated in order to ensure the highest levels of quality. Using our own well equipped Metrology Department, we provide measuring reports to customers, according to their requests.

We provide try-outs in full automatic conditions, manufactoring robot hands, and all other needed devices.


Pre-Series Production
and After Sales Support

We provide solutions for all costumers needs

such as Pre Series Production, Components Incorporation, Packaging and Logistics.

We provide full after sales support, assuring fast reply to all inquires, sharing all information with our customers, and providing support in any phase of the process regarding any request or need.

We are fully committed to ensuring the success of the projects we are involved in.

Why rely on us

Confidence is the base of any business Experienced people under a reliable Quality Assurance Management System ensure our commitment , giving our customers confidence in many projects along the years.

A proven track record

Confidence is the base of any business Experienced people under a reliable Quality Assurance Management System ensure our commitment , giving our customers confidence in many projects along the years.

Where we are

Our commercial, production and operational management, is based in Marinha Grande – Portugal, a worldwide recognised excellency centre for the manufacturing of moulds for plastic. For over 50 years, moulds for plastics are manufactured here. With a concentration of about 250 companies, marinha grande is globally known and recognized for its quality and capacity.

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